Schedule for the AAAI Spring Symposium on Computational Approaches to Scientific Discovery

Monday, March 27, 2023

Time Presenters Title Slides
Survey Talks
  9:00 AM Pat Langley Opening Remarks Slides
  9:10 AM Sašo Džeroski Integrating Data- and Knowledge-Driven Approaches to Automated Modelling Slides
  9:40 AM J. Nathan Kutz To be announced
10:10 AM Kun Zhang Advances in Causal Representation Learning: Discovery of the Hidden World
10:40 AM Break
Equation Discovery
11:00 AM Itay Beit-Halachmi, Rotem Elimelech, Ofir David, and Ido Kaminer Ramanujan Machine – Generating Conjectures on Fundamental Constants Slides
11:30 AM Jure Brence, Nina Omejc, Boštjan Gec, Ljupčo Todorovski, and Sašo Džeroski Probabilistic Grammars for Equation Discovery Slides
12:00 PM Jannis Brugger, David Richter, Mattia Cerrato, Mira Mezini, and Stefan Kramer Neural-Guided Equation Discovery Slides
12:30 PM Lunch
Equation Discovery / Regression
  1:30 PM Sebastian Mežnar, Sašo Džeroski, and Ljupčo Todorovski Efficient Generator of Algebraic Expressions for Symbolic Regression
  2:00 PM Mikel Landajuela, Claudio Santiago, T. Nathan Mundhenk, Chak Shing Lee, et al. Deep Symbolic Optimization for Scientific Discovery Slides
  2:30 PM Fernand Gobet, Laura K. Bartlett, Noman Javed, Peter C. Lane, and Angelo Pirrone Discovering Models in Cognitive Psychology Using Experimental Data
  3:00 PM Break
Model Revision / Extension
  3:30 PM Ioannis Votsis Old AI Meets New AI in the Logic of Scientific Discovery Slides
  4:00 PM Tailin Wu Steps Toward an AI Scientist: Neuro-Symbolic Models for Concept Generalization and Theory Learning Slides
  4:30 PM Teeratorn Kadeethum, Daniel O'Malley, Youngsoo Choi, Hari S. Viswanathan, and Hongkyu Yoon Progressive Physics Learning from Data
  5:00 PM Poster Session
  6:00 PM Joint Symposia Reception
  7:00 PM Day ends

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Time Presenters Title Slides
Introducing New Variables
  9:00 AM Benjamin Jantzen The Relevance of Natural Kinds to Discovery of Novel Scientific Variables Slides
  9:30 AM Boris Kramer and Gleb Pogudin Learning Exact and Optimal Quadratic Forms for Nonlinear Non-autonomous Ordinary Differential Equations Slides
10:00 AM Paolo Conti, Giorgio Gobat, Stefania Fresca, Andrea Manzoni, and Attilio Frangi Reduced Order Modeling and Dynamic Identification for Nonlinear Parametrized System Slides
10:30 AM Break
Networked Dynamical Systems
11:00 AM Mitsuhiro Odaka, Morgan Magnin, and Katsumi Inoue Data-Driven and Knowledge-Based Causal Network Discovery for Identifying Differential Equations Slides
11:30 AM Pat Langley Computational Discovery of Quantitative Process Models Slides
12:00 PM James Koch, Zhao Chen, Aaron Tuor, Jan Drgona, and Draguna Vrabie Structural Inference of Networked Dynamical Systems with Universal Differential Equations
12:30 PM Lunch
Closed-Loop Discovery
  1:30 PM Larisa Soldatova Knowledge Representation for Automated Scientific Discovery
  2:00 PM Sebastian Musslick, Joshua Hewson, Ben Andrew, Sida Li, George Dang, and John Gerrard Holland Evaluating Computational Discovery in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences
  2:30 PM Lun Ai, Shi-Shun Liang, Wang-Zhou Dai, Liam Hallett, Stephen Muggleton, and Geoff Baldwin Human Comprehensible Active Learning of Genome-Scale Metabolic Networks Slides
  3:00 PM Break
Closed-Loop Discovery
  3:30 PM Alexander Gower, Daniel Brunnsåker, Filip Kronstrom, Gabriel Reder, Ievgeniia Tiukova, Ronald Reiserer, John Wikswo, Konstantin Korovin, and Ross King The Robot Scientist Genesis: Abduction for Metabolic Modelling Slides
  4:00 PM Mattia Cerrato, Jannis Brugger, Nicolas Schmitt, and Stefan Kramer Reinforcement Learning for Automated Scientific Discovery Slides
  4:30 PM Yexiang Xue Scaling Up AI-Driven Scientific Discovery via Embedding Physics Modeling into End-to-end Learning, Harnessing Randomized Algorithms, and Control Variable Experimentation Slides
  5:00 PM Poster Session
  6:00 PM Plenary Session
  7:00 PM Day ends

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Time Presenters Title Slides
Structural / Spatial Models
  9:00 AM Jovan Tanevski and Julio Saez-Rodriguez Scientific Discovery in Biomedicine from Spatially Resolved Omics
  9:30 AM Andrei Klishin Industrial Design Process as Scientific Discovery Slides
10:00 AM Ryan Raut, Zachary Rosenthal, Xiaodan Wang, Adam Bauer, Steven Brunton, Bingni Brunton, and J. Nathan Kutz Unifying Observables through Latent Dynamics: Shared Trajectories of Brain, Body, and Behavior Slides
10:30 AM Break
Spatio-Temporal Models
11:00 AM Christophe Bonneville, Xiaolong He, Jiun-Shyan Chen, William Fries, Debojyoti Ghosh, Jonathan Belof, and Youngsoo Choi Certified and Parameterized Latent Space Dynamics Identification for Time Dependent Image Data Slides
11:30 AM Chris Earls Discovering Human-Interpretable Solution Operators from Realistic Scientific Data Slides
12:00 PM Cassio Oishi, Steven Brunton and J. Nathan Kutz A Data-Driven Investigation on Viscoelastic Fluid Flows Slides
12:30 PM Closing Discussion
  1:00 PM Day ends

Note: Symposium participants, including each of the speakers, must register for the meeting whether they plan to attend in person or virtually. The registration link will remain open until the meeting begins and there will be no extra charge for late registration.

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