Refereed Articles
DeepIU: An Architecture for Image Understanding Somak Aditya, Chitta Baral, Yezhou Yang, Yiannis Aloimonos, Cornelia Fermuller 1 PDF 
Selective Induction of Rate-Based Process Models Adam Arvay, Pat Langley 2 PDF 
A Theory of Attention for Cognitive Systems Will Bridewell, Paul Bello 3 PDF 
A Model of Planning, Action and Interpretation with Goal Reasoning Michael Cox 4 PDF 
Elementary School Science as a Cognitive System Domain: How Much Qualitative Reasoning is Required? Maxwell Crouse, Kenneth Forbus 5 PDF 
Situated Mapping for Transfer Learning Tesca Fitzgerald, Kalesha Bullard, Andrea Thomaz, Ashok Goel 6 PDF 
Learning by Reading: Extending & Localizing Against a Model Scott Friedman et al. 7 PDF 
Exploiting Graph Structure to Abstract & Compress Relational Data Scott Friedman 8 PDF 
Automated Hypothesis Testing with Large Scientific Data Repositories Yolanda Gil et al. 9 PDF 
Using Watson for Constructing Cognitive Assistants Ashok Goel et al. 10 PDF 
Story-enabled Hypothetical Reasoning Dylan Holmes, Patrick Winston 11 PDF 
Goal Reasoning with Information Measures Benjamin Johnson, Mark Roberts, Thomas Apker, David Aha 12 PDF 
Learning General and Efficient Representations of Novel Games Through Interactive Instruction James Kirk, John Laird 13 PDF 
Improving the Robustness of Team Collaboration through Analysis of Qualitative Interactions Matthew Klenk, Daniel Bobrow, Johan de Kleer, Wendy Mungrovan, Jorge Tierno 14 PDF 
Goals, Utilities, and Mental Simulation in Continuous Planning Pat Langley, Mike Barley, Ben Meadows, Dongkyu Choi, Edward Katz 15 PDF 
Variations on a Theory of Problem Solving Pat Langley, Chris Pearce, Yu Bai, Charlotte Worsfold, Mike Barley 16 PDF 
Interactively Learning Strategies for Handling References to Unseen or Unknown Objects Aaron Mininger, John Laird 17 PDF 
Slashing Metaphor with Occam’s Razor Sergei Nirenburg, Marjorie McShane 18 PDF 
Controlling Search in Very Large Commonsense Knowledge Bases: A Machine Learning Approach Abhishek Sharma, Michael Witbrock, Keith Goolsbey 19 PDF 
Online Goal Recognition through Mirroring: Humans and Agents Mor Vered, Gal Kaminka, Sivan Biham 20 PDF