About the Journal

Advances in Cognitive Systems (ISSN 2324-8416) publishes research articles, review papers, and essays on the computational study of human-level intelligence, integrated intelligent systems, cognitive architectures, and related topics. Research on cognitive systems is distinguished by a focus on high-level cognition, reliance on rich, structured representations, a systems-level perspective, use of heuristics to handle complexity, and incorporation of insights about human thinking. Advances in Cognitive Systems reviews submissions within approximately three months and publishes accepted papers on the journal Web site immediately upon receipt of final versions. Articles are distributed freely over the internet by the Cognitive Systems Foundation.

About the Conference

Advances in Cognitive Systems also organizes a meeting for research on the initial goals of artificial intelligence and cognitive science, which aimed to explain the mind in computational terms and to reproduce the entire range of human cognitive abilities in computational artifacts. Many researchers remain committed to this original vision, and Advances in Cognitive Systems provides a place to present recent results and pose new challenges for the field. The meetings bring together researchers with interests in human-level intelligence, complex cognition, integrated intelligent systems, cognitive architectures, and related topics.

Submissions and Publications

Authors are welcome to submit papers for publication either to the electronic journal Advances in Cognitive Systems or to the annual conference of the same name.

Submissions to the journal should be at most 20 pages in length, including references.

Submissions to the conference should be at most 16 pages.

Call for Papers

We encourage submissions of papers and workshop proposals to the Ninth Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems, which will take place during late fall of 2021. Please stay tuned for details.