The Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems will take place from Monday, June 17, to Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at the Palermo site of the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

The conference brings together a diverse set of researchers who pursue the original goals of artificial intelligence. That is, the overarching theme of the conference is to explain cognition in computational terms and to reproduce a broad range of intelligent behaviors and human abilities in computational artifacts.

The conference welcomes many types of research, including demonstrations of new capabilities, empirical studies of implemented systems, and formal analyses of complex tasks. The term "cognitive" refers to any computational artifact that thinks or reasons, whether or not it works the same way as humans. Topics of interest include:

  • Conceptual Inference and Reasoning
  • Problem Solving, Planning, and Heuristic Search
  • Common Sense and Qualitative Modeling
  • Memory Storage and Retrieval
  • Structural Learning and Knowledge Capture
  • Natural Language Understanding and Generation
  • Discourse and Dialogue Processing
  • Vision, Audition, and High-level Perception
  • Mental Imagery and Iconic Processing
  • Cognitive Models and Architectures
  • Cognitive Robotics and Embodied Cognition
  • High-level Execution and Control
  • Multi-Tasking and Attention
  • Social Cognition and Interaction
  • Cognitive Aspects of Emotion and Personality
  • Metacognition and Meta-level Reasoning

We encourage participation from anyone who is interested in computational approaches to complex cognition, human-level intelligence, and related topics.


We invite researchers to submit papers for presentation at the conference. The extended deadline for submissions to the EasyChair site is Friday, April 19, 2024. Papers should have no more than sixteen (16) single-column pages and must follow the formatting instructions at http://www.cogsys.org/instructions/. Appendixes are not counted in the 16-page limit.

Authors should examine the review form at http://www.cogsys.org/review-form/ before submission, as referees will expect papers to address the questions therein. Authors of papers accepted for oral presentation at the conference may be invited to publish an expanded version as an article in a special issue of Cognitive Systems Research.

Schedule, Logistics, and Registration

The Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems will run from Monday, June 17, to Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at the Palermo site of the National Research Council in Sicily, Italy. The meeting will include extended technical presentations, leisurely breaks to encourage discussions, and poster receptions to foster additional interactions among participants. The schedule for conference presentations is available here. will be available shortly after paper decisions have been made. Information about registration, transportation, and lodging will be available soon at the meeting's logistics page.

Remote Participation: We strongly encourage participation in person, but the authors of selected papers will be able to present their talks virtually provided that at least one author has paid full registration. Poster presenters must attend in person.

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