Preface for the Second Conference Matthew Klenk, John Laird 1 PDF 
Refereed Articles
Fractal Representations and Core Geometry Keith McGreggor, Ashok Goel 3 PDF 
A Cognitive Systems Approach to Tailoring Learner Practice Robert E. Wray, Angela Woods 21 PDF 
Understanding Social Interactions Using Incremental Abductive Inference Ben Meadows, Pat Langley, Miranda Emery 39 PDF 
Changing Minds by Reasoning About Belief Revision: A Challenge for Cognitive Systems Will Bridewell, Paul Bello 57 PDF 
Anomaly-Driven Belief Revision by Abductive Metareasoning Joshua Eckroth, John R. Josephson 73 PDF 
CRAMm — Memories for Robots Performing Everyday Manipulation Activities Jan Winkler, Moritz Tenorth, Asil Kaan Bozcuoğlu, Michael Beetz 91 PDF 
A Cognitive System for Human Manipulation Action Understanding Yezhou Yang, Cornelia Fermüller, Yiannis Aloimonos 109 PDF 
Toward Learning High-Level Semantic Frames from Definitions Jansen Orfan, James Allen 125 PDF 
On the Representation of Inferences and their Lexicalization David McDonald, James Pustejovsky 135 PDF 
Towards an Indexical Model of Situated Language Comprehension for Real-World Cognitive Agents Shiwali Mohan, Aaron H. Mininger, John E. Laird 153 PDF 
Integrating Meta-Level and Domain-Level Knowledge for Interpretation and Generation of Task-Oriented Dialogue Alfredo Gabaldon, Pat Langley, Ben Meadows 171 PDF 
Three Lessons for Creating a Knowledge Base to Enable Explanation, Reasoning and Dialog Vinay K. Chaudhri, Nikhil Dinesh, Daniela Inclezan 187 PDF 
X Goes First: Teaching Simple Games through Multimodal Interaction Thomas R. Hinrichs, Kenneth D. Forbus 205 PDF 
Learning Task Formulations through Situated Interactive Instruction James R. Kirk, John E. Laird 219 PDF 
Narrative Fragment Creation: An Approach for Learning Narrative Knowledge Chris Cervantes, Wai-Tat Fu 237 PDF 
Conceptual Models of Structure and Function Vinay K. Chaudhri, Nikhil Dinesh, H. Craig Heller 255 PDF 
Reasoning from Radically Incomplete Information: The Case of Containers Ernest Davis, Gary Marcus, Angelica Chen 273 PDF 
Am I Really Scared? A Multi-phase Computational Model of Emotions Jason R. Wilson, Kenneth D. Forbus, Matthew D. McLure 289 PDF 
Three Challenges for Research on Integrated Cognitive Systems Pat Langley 305 PDF