Poster Sessions for the Sixth Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems

Poster Session 1 / Saturday, August 18, 2018 / 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

Authors Title
Suri Bandler Recognizing and Systematically Highlighting Intentions
Philip Jackson The Intelligence Level and TalaMind
Suman Ojha, Jonathan Vitale, Syed Ali Raza, Richard Billingsley, and Mary-Anne Williams Implementing the Dynamic Role of Mood and Personality in Emotion Processing of Cognitive Agents
Kenneth Forbus, Tom Hinrichs, and Irina Rabkina Building Analogy Systems: Some Lessons Learned
Douglas Summers-Stay, Dandan Li, Peter Sutor, and Adrienne Raglin Query Answering by Deductive and Analogical Reasoning in a Semantic Vector Space
Pulin Agrawal, Stan Franklin, and Javier Snaider Sensory Memory for Grounded Representations in a Cognitive Architecture
Everton Schumacker Soares, Vadim Bulitko, Kacy Doucet, Morgan Cselinacz, Terence Soule, Samantha Heck, and Landon Wright Learning to Recognize A-Life Behaviours
Fernanda Eliott, Keivan Stassun, and Maithilee Kunda A Human-Inspired Computational Architecture to Understand Visual Data Exploration
Xiaotian Wang, Xiaohan Wang, and Maithilee Kunda Ordering of Training Inputs for a Neural Network Learner
David McDonald, Mark Burstein, and James Pustejovsky Assembling the ECIpedia: Refining concepts in context
Pratyusha Kalluri and Patrick Winston Inducing Schizophrenia in an Artificially Intelligent Story-Understanding System
Michael Freed, Melinda Gervasio, Aaron Spaulding, and Louise Yarnall Explainable Recommendation for Self-Regulated Learning

Poster Session 2 / Sunday, August 19, 2018 / 6:00 pm-8:30 pm

Authors Title
Abhishek Sharma and Keith Goolsbey Learning Search Policies in Large Knowledge Bases by Randomized Exploration
Sunandita Patra, Paolo Traverso, Malik Ghallab, and Dana Nau Controller Synthesis for Hierarchical Agent Interactions
Jason Wilson, Michael Wransky, and Jorge Tierno General Approach to Automatically Generating Need-based Assistance
Jamie Macbeth and Mark Roberts Exploring Connections Between Decomposition of Language and Hierarchical Planning
Deepak Khemani and Shikha Singh Contract Bridge: Multi-agent Adversarial Planning in an Uncertain Environment
Bart Gajderowicz, Mark Fox, and Michael Gruninger Limitations of Human-Centric Decision Making: An Observer's Perspective
David Menager and Dongkyu Choi Episodic Memory: Foundation of Explainable Autonomy
William Hancock, Kenneth Forbus, and Thomas Hinrichs Optimizing Strategy Game Planning Via Combining Analogy with Function Learning
Vahid Eyorokon, Venkatsampath Gogineni, Pratyusha Yalamanchili, and Michael Cox Case Retrieval Using Goal Similarity for Knowledge Investigations
Vasanth Sarathy and Matthias Scheutz MacGyver Problems: AI Challenges for Testing Resourcefulness and Creativity
Alexandra Coman Creative Surprise Generation
Richard Waldinger Natural Language Access: When Reasoning Makes Sense

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