Poster Collection
Perceptual Goal Monitors for Cognitive Agents in Changing Environments Michael Cox and Zohreh Dannenhauer 1 PDF 
Hypothesizing Method Structure for HTN Learning from Demonstration Michael Leece and Arnav Jhala 2 PDF 
Improving Sequential Decision-Making with Cognitive Priming Mark Roberts and Laura Hiatt 3 PDF 
A High Level Language for Human-Robot Interaction Chitta Baral, Barry Lumpkin, and Matthias Scheutz 4 PDF 
Emotional Appraisal: A Computational Perspective Suman Ojha and Mary-Anne Williams 5 PDF 
Explainable Content Recommendation for Self-Regulated Learning Michael Freed, Melinda Gervasio, Aaron Spaulding, and Louise Yarnall 6 PDF 
Acquiring Business Rules: A Challenge for Semantic Parsing Vinay Chaudhri, Jason Freeman, Gautam Shine, and Pakapol Supaniratisai 7 PDF 
Establishing Social Presence with a Voice-Only Chatbot Mei Si and Rahul Divekar 8 PDF 
Seeing-in-for-action: The cognitive penetrability of perception Rebecca Traynor 9 PDF 
Demonstration-Based Solution Authoring for Skill Assessment Melinda Gervasio, Karen Myers, and Michael Wessel 10 PDF