Francesca Rossi

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

(on leave from University of Padova, Italy)


Title: Moral Preferences


Intelligent systems are going to be more and more pervasive in our everyday lives. To name just a few applications, they will take care of elderly people and kids, they will drive for us, and they will suggest to doctors how to cure a disease. However, we cannot let them do all this very useful and beneficial tasks if we don't trust them. To build trust, we need to be sure that they act in a morally acceptable way. So it is important to understand how to embed moral values into intelligent machines.

Existing preference modelling and reasoning framework can be a starting point, since they define priorities over actions, just like an ethical theory does. However, many more issues are involved when we mix preferences (that are at the core of decision making) and morality, both at the individual level and in a social context. I will define some of these issues, and propose some possible answers.

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