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4 - 6 November 2011 / Arlington, VA

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Application for Participation

Participation in the AAAI Fall 2011 Symposium on Advances in Cogntive Systems is by invitation only. To apply for an invitation, please complete the form on the this page. The initial deadline for applications, May 20, 2011, has passed. We will still consider applications after this date, but we are limited in the number of people who can attend, so we cannot guarantee a place at the meeting.

In addition to providing your name and contact information, you should include a brief description of your research in the area of cognitive systems. We also encourage applicants to upload one or two papers they have written in the area, which will help the organizers determine whether their work is relevant to the meeting's goals. Please do not provide a paper for publication on this form; those should be submitted by July 15, 2011, separately.